Cerámicas San Jacinto

Ladrillo rústico y tabiquería
Ctra. Córdoba-Valencia, km. 109
23710 . Bailén . Jaén
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Legal Notice
Rustic brick for partition.

San Jacinto de Bailén is a company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic building materials, whose industrial processes are still quite traditional. Since the beginning, San Jacinto has manufactured a lot of kinds of hollow bricks to be used in the construction of walls, fences and partitions. After that, San Jacinto felt the need to incorporate a new product, different of they traditionally used to make. The result of this idea was the rustic brick.

In the elaboration process of the rustic brick we have carefully taken into account that, without losing its roots and tradition, incorporate innovative mechanisms of today's ceramic. It is the ideal product for those nostalgic who want to enjoy in their homes facades and other building elements with materials manufactured using the same techniques that were made in the past.

Our range of shades, achieved through a strict selection of our clay, extracted from our own quarries, allows us to offer different alternatives to project both the interior and exterior of a building and provide the same rustic brick tonality according to the aesthetic tastes of user, without losing the old nature that is intended to give to construction.

San Jacinto has achieved with careful selection of elaboration processes, a pure rustic brick, unique in the market, which has some outstanding qualities: natural appearance, irregular shape and tonal differentiation. Our rustic brick, for the naturalness of their colours, offers new aesthetic and architectural possibilities to the designer, difficult to match by any other product of this nature in the market.

In our effort to provide a product that meets the needs of customers, San Jacinto has two types of rustic brick formats: the Rustic Bailén (225x105x37 mm) and the Rustic Vélez (255x120x37 mm). Rustic Brick Bailén has the following colours:
- White
- Pale
- Salmon
- Toned
- Red

We have the following colours of the Rustic Vélez:
- White
- Pale
- Toned
- Red

The San Jacinto rustic brick can be used in many different ways: it looks very much on facades, doorways and exterior walls, tops doors and windows elegantly, and it puts in the arch a touch of originality.

As for the hollow brick, these are the formats that San Jacinto de Bailén currently manufactures:
- Rasilla 2.5 (205x100x25 mm)
- Hueco Sencillo 3.5 (210x100x35 mm)
- Hueco Sencillo 4 (215x100x40 mm)
- Hueco Doble 5 (205x100x50 mm)
- Hueco Doble 7 (215x100x70 mm)
- Hueco Sencillo GF 4x15x28 (280x150x40 mm)
- Hueco Doble GF 5x15x28 (280x150x50 mm)
- Hueco Doble GF 7x15x28 (280x150x70 mm)
- Hueco Triple 9 (90x105x225 mm)
- Hueco Triple 10 (100x105x225 mm)

All of our materials, both the hollow brick and rustic brick, comply with regulations. The quality of our products is guaranteed because we have implemented a quality system, by which conduct regular monitoring and testing that allow us to detect any error.


SAN JACINTO DE BAILEN gives a special importance to the protection of the environment, by inserting this concept within the objectives of the company. For this reason, the environmental commitment is present throughout the development of our daily activities, using the following instructions:

- Make appropriate use of all resources involved in our manufacturing process.
- Minimize waste generation, and to make an adequate management of this
- Reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, for which we have installed different systems of purification of gaseous and particulate associated to the various phases of process susceptible of generating emissions.

The maxim of our Organization is to reach the "sustainable development", essential to ensure the right to enjoy an appropriate environment to future generations. The company has been consolidated in the region where it is located and, despite strong competition in the sector, has managed to remain solidly in the market. We do it thanks to the efficiency of our production processes and the guarantee of the quality of our products.

Currently, all our products have the seal of CE marking, with all necessary data sheets and declarations of conformity. We also have the system certificate of quality according to standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management system according to ISO 14001 standard.